I have a dream to send every Turlock schoolchild to see the ocean and learn about the sea.

~ Dr. Pamela Roe

LiMPETS (Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students) is an environmental monitoring and education program for students, educators, and volunteer groups. This hands-on program was developed to monitor the ocean and coastal ecosystems of California’s National Marine Sanctuaries to increase awareness and stewardship of these important areas.

Two distinct monitoring programs make up the core of the LiMPETS network: the Rocky Intertidal Monitoring Program and the Sandy Beach Monitoring Program. Both programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience the scientific process firsthand. Through research-based monitoring and standardized protocols, students develop their problem solving skills, gain experience using tools and methods employed by field scientists, and learn to analyze data. The online data entry system on this website allows our participants to archive their data electronically and to view and analyze their results over time.

The LiMPETS network provides authentic, hands-on coastal monitoring experiences that empower teachers, students and the community to conduct real science and serve as ocean stewards. 

For information on how you can help Turlock students participate in this wonderful program, visit our "Support Us" page!

LiMPETS in the Turlock Unified School District

Dr. Pamela Roe, a retired California State University, Stanislaus, biology professor, has a dream to send every Turlock schoolchild to see the ocean and learn about the sea.  We have partnered with friends of Dr. Roe to help that dream come true.  Retired Modesto Junior College Professor Richard Anderson and his wife Lynn Hansen decided to act on Dr. Roe's dream and have worked tirelessly to send school children from the Central Valley to participate in this fabulous program.

In 2013, our very own Bret Sutterley took his 5th grade class from Walnut Elementary Education Center as well as a 6th grade class from Wakefield Elementary.  The word has spread and in 2015 two classes from Walnut, four from Wakefield, three from Cunningham, four from Medeiros, and two from Turlock Junior High traveled to Monterey Bay and participated in this program and contributed to the scientific body of knowledge!  

With free admission from Monterey Bay Aquarium, free training and a beach science project through the nonprofit LiMPETS, and parent and community chaperones donating their time, the cost of the program is minimal.  However, it costs $1400-1500 to send a busload of kids over to participate in this program and that's where Turlock Education Foundation and supporters like yourself comes in.  

For information on how you can help on how you can help "to send every Turlock schoolchild to see the ocean and learn about the sea" please visit our "Support Us" page.  

Here’s a note from Bret Sutterley, a Turlock resident, board member of TEF and educator at Walnut Elementary:

I've not seen a program that puts real science data collection into the hands of fifth-graders until LiMPETS came into our classroom.  The opportunity for students to research in class, then go to the beach to actually collect and record data is incredible for students.  It matters for Valley students to experience the world around them and to be aware of man's impact on the environment.