2017-2018 Classroom Grants Now Available!

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Turlock Education Foundation is proud to offer our Fifth Annual Teacher Incentive/Classroom Grant program!  This year we are donating thousands of dollars to enhance and enrich the educational experience of Turlock Unified students!   Below is information on the program including how to apply and how the applications are judged.  If you have any questions, please contact grants@turlockedfoundation.org.

This program is made possible by our 2016-17 fundraising efforts and from the generous sponsors such as:

To continue this program, please consider donating to Turlock Education Foundation so we can continue to enhance and enrich the educational experience for our Turlock Unified School District Students!

General Information and Application Process: 

  • We recommend you review last year's winners (including their successful applications) from the link on the right.
  • All applications must be received by 5:00 on Monday, November 20th, 2017 (post-marks are not accepted.)  
  • All Turlock Unified School District certificated employees are eligible to apply for one grant per year, regardless of previous years success.
  • Grants are available for up to $1000; there is no minimum request.
  • The grant application form can be downloaded here and submitted in one of the following manners:

Review and Approval Process:

  • All grant submissions require the applicable site principal's signature.
  • A subcommittee will be formed consisting of one or more of the following: TUSD employee(s), community member(s), student representative(s)
  • The name, position, grade level and school site will be removed from the applications prior to being reviewed.
  • The subcommittee will rank the applications using the following rubric: 
    • 1-10: How likely is this project or program to succeed?
    • 1-10: How effective is this project or program?
    • 1-5: How well does this support the TEF mission?
    • 1-5: How well does this support the TUSD mission?
  • The applications will then be reviewed by the following individuals to ensure requests are appropriate and supported by the site and district as well as to determine any special funding or property control requirements that should be considered: 
    • Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
    • Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
    • Chief Financial Officer, Fiscal Services
    • Superintendent
  • The Turlock Education Foundation Board of Directors will then conduct the final vote to determine the applications to award. 

Next Step for Approved Applications:

  • After the TEF Directors vote on the successful grants you will be notified of the status of your application (either successful or not successful.)
  • Funds will be disbursed in cooperation of the Chief Financial Officer of Fiscal Services as soon as practical.
  • Grant funds MUST be applied to the specific items detailed on the grant application form.
  • An awards reception for successful applicants will be held on December 12th.
  • We encourage successful applicants to become ambassadors for the TEF Classroom Grant program. We may request demonstrations, photos, testimonials, etc. of your students benefiting from this grant program.