Musical Instrument Repair and Replacement

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Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue

~ Plato

We support the district-wide music program with musical instrument repair and replacement funds. The case for a Tuba is close to $500...just for the case. We've got outstanding band boosters within TUSD that work hard to fund transportation costs for various performances, uniforms, etc. However there is a great need to establish an ongoing, district wide, instrument replacement and repair program.

We've worked hard to develop a program with Mr. Dan Ijams, the Turlock Unified School District Music Coordinator and TEF Board member.  All the funds that we raise through the annual Festival on the Green and the week long subsequent "Raise some Dough" campaign with Dominos Pizza here in Turlock go directly into this fund.  Money is donated annual to Turlock Unified School District and the district wide Music Proffessional Learning Committee determines what instruments are in most need throughout the district.  Thank you for helping us support this exciting program!

For information on how you can help us make this program a reality visit our "Support Us" page!

Music Education in the Turlock Unified School District

TUSD is committed to the development of the entire student. For this reason the classroom includes time to study civility, art, and MUSIC. Civility is essential in character development; it’s how we show respect for one another and ourselves. Art is the creative expression that will develop throughout a person’s life.

But why is music so important? The majority of students don’t go on to become professional musicians, yet educators and parents believe music is an essential component of a well-rounded education.

Why study music?

Because music…

  • Develops skills needed by the 21st century workforce including critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, and team work.
  • Keeps students engaged in school and less likely to drop out
  • Improves the atmosphere for learning
  • Helps students achieve in other academic subjects like math, science and reading
  • Helps communities share ideas and values among cultures and generations
  • Is a disciplined human endeavor with intrinsic value to society
  • Builds confidence and the ability to perform or speak in public

What is music education?

In the TUSD, all elementary students, beginning in 1st grade, have music class once a week.  This class teaches the fundamentals of music along with practical experience in singing, understanding of musical notation, and the basics of reading music.  

In 5th grade students are given the option of band, orchestra or choir.  Many students choose to study an instrument but if not, they will be added to the choir. We have approximately 600 students in choir, 650 students in band, and 650 students in orchestra, (Grades 5-12 Total).

What is the role of the Music Teacher?

Throughout the early grades Music teachers are planting the seeds for the older grades. In time, the skills learned in Music class will support the student in many other areas such as math, public speaking, and reading. Music teachers don’t teach a skill only, they teach students an entire way of thinking and interacting with the world around them. It takes a special person to be a Music teacher; they need patience, creativity, mentorship, and a willingness to see beyond the student’s current skill to what they could become. Where most of us hear a squeak, the Music teacher hears a symphony.

How can we support music education in the Turlock Unified School District?

Of the various music classes, Band is the most expensive due to the cost and care of instruments.   

You can support Music education by contributing to the cost to repair and replace instruments. 

You can also stay informed on the challenges faced by the District in funding Music education and offer your support of funding proposals.

And don’t forget the teachers!

Music teachers are a huge and positive influence for your children. Please remember to thank them and encourage them whenever possible.

Here’s a note from Toni Boster, a Turlock resident, board member of TEF and educator:

I have three children in the TUSD, two at Medeiros and one at the Junior High.  My two older children have the pleasure of having Sarah Carpenter for their band teacher.  She is a dedicated, inspiring, and talented teacher.  She truly is a master at her craft.  My son who is in 7th grade now decided to learn to play the saxophone in 5th grade.  He had never touched this "horn" before then.  Now he is really quite proficient. She taught him everything he knows.  The program she has put together for the Junior High is extensive and goes far beyond the classroom.  Thank you for continuing to offer music in our schools and having such high standards for your staff.  Sarah is one in a million!