Over $10,000 going into the classroom!

2013 Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce that almost $11,000 has been awarded to TUSD teachers through its first annual classroom grant program. The grants are the result of our 2012-13 fundraising efforts, and we wish to thank our generous donors, such as Blue Diamond Almonds, Wal-Mart, Emanuel Medical Center, Turlock Firefighters Local 2434, and others.

This year’s grant program is in memory of Mr. Richard W. Lopes, the beloved husband of Julien Elementary School Principal and TEF Board Member Mrs. Linda Murphy-Lopes, and is intended to enhance and enrich the educational experience of TUSD students.

Awards for the 2013/14 school year include (links to applications):

About Richard W. Lopes

Richard William Lopes was a respected family and businessman in Turlock for over 40 years. He believed in hard work and ethical transactions in all of his dealings with the community.  He worked with his hands and was a master craftsman in woodwork. He built cabinets and furniture pieces for families in Turlock, all over the bay area, and many different states and countries, including Africa. Richard’s dream was to make sure anyone who wanted to learn, could learn! If a university experience wasn’t in their dreams, he supported hands-on learning just as much. Turlock Cabinet Shop was his dream and is still alive because he taught by example! Richard believed “Quality isn’t just a word, it is a commitment!”

Getting to Know Turlock Education Foundation

The mission of the Turlock Education Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting Turlock Unified School District students, is to enhance and enrich the educational experience by establishing and maintaining a pathway to secure vital resources and partnerships with individuals, families, organizations, and businesses.  We were founded in 2011 by a partnership of parents, community members, and local businesses and intend to bridge the gap in unpredictable and insufficient education funding from our state government. For information on how to support public education through the Turlock Education Foundation, Click Here>>

(TEF) has a goal of establishing a $25,000 per year grant program intended to fund specific classroom projects throughout Turlock Unified School District (TUSD.) TEF relies on the generous support of individuals, families, organizations, and businesses in the Turlock area to provide the funding needed for these grants.